Association Bourbaki Panorama

The Association for the Preservation of the Bourbaki Panorama was founded in 1979 with the stated aim of saving the unique circular painting from decay, financing the restoration work, and ensuring that the painting continues to receive the proper specialist care in the future, too. The Association is a partner of the Bourbaki Panorama Luzern Foundation and supports it in preserving the circular painting and running the Museum.

Most of the financing is through contributions and donations.

Help safeguard the future of this unique cultural monument with your contribution

Board of Directors

Konrad Vogel


Untermattstrasse 33
6048 Horw

Konrad Vogel

Ruth Lischer


Studhaldenstr. 5
6005 Luzern

Josef Brülisauer

Donation commissioner

Brunnhalde 7a
6006 Luzern

Nadja Buser

Sonnenbergstrasse 9
6005 Luzern

Urs-Beat Frei

Habsburgerstrasse 3A
6003 Luzern

Andrea Huwyler-Bachmann

Berglistrasse 28
6005 Luzern

Jürg Kaufmann

Schützenstrasse 45
3612 Steffisburg

Daniel Knüsel

Horwerstrasse 21
6005 Luzern

Roland Minnig

Unterdorfstrasse 10
6276 Hohenrain

Mathias Steinmann

Bodenhofstrasse 8
6005 Luzern

The Association for the Preservation of the Bourbaki Panorama

Verein Bourbaki Panorama
Ruth Lischer
Studhaldenstrasse 5
6005 Luzern

T +41 41 360 84 64